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At Blue Bell School we are proud to offer a curriculum that conforms the core values of the sschool. It is innovative, flexible and incorporates the rigor and academic quality that we believe education should strive for.


Pre-Primary Program


The Pre-Primary Program for Nursery to Class II offers a stimulating, caring and relaxed atmosphere of hands on experiential learning to develop skills that set them on the road to be great learners. Work and play are nurtured to help children explore their curiosity and make every moment a learning experience.

Primary Program

The Primary Program continues to develop skills essential for learning such as the development of thinking, communication, research and self-management. The teachers foster an atmosphere that is personalized and child centered. The project based learning in the primary school inculcates a spirit of enquiry that sets children on the path of self learning.


The Middle School Program helps the young adolescent establish his new found independence. The curriculum engages students in critical thinking, problem solving and developing independent opinion.  We encourage them to get involved with the community and take action so as to help them grow and become responsible citizens.

Middle School Program

Secondary &
Senior Secondary



The Secondary & Senior Secondary Program supports students identify their potential as they prepare to enter the world of work and responsibility. The curriculum is designed to appreciate and acknowledge students for their creativity, research skills and they grow to be discerning young adults with values and principles that contribute to community and the environment.


Assessment Approach

Each term, we hold a set of Unit tests & formal term-end examinations Results are formally communicated to Parents and follow up discussions happen in a Parent-Teacher meeting. At the same time, staff and students meet to review results & progress and to set targets to be met in coming term.

The House System

The house activities are an integral part of the school curriculum. The entire school, including the staff members are divided into four Houses. The Houses represent unity in diversity. The house activities are an integral part of the school curriculum. The entire school, including the staff members are divided into four houses. The houses represent unity in diversity. The house system also forms the basis for a healthy and friendly competition and students eagerly volunteer to represent their house in a wide variety of events across the year. Deciding which house will win the overall championship each year is a great focus for all the students.House events are both sporting and non-sporting. In sport house events take place for all age groups and both genders in: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball and Kho-kho. We also hold competitions in: Dancing, Singing, Painting and Quizzes. These events are constantly reviewed and the school is always looking to expand these in the future. 
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